Sound Food Uprising is a ten year campaign to change Puget Sound's food for good. Both for the better and forever. We're working to change the supply of overly processed, heavily sugared, additive laden food in our region by shifting the demand through education, public relations, and community engagement.

We're not about telling you what to eat: An evolutionary nanosecond ago, we were all eating vastly different diets depending on where we lived and what our cultural traditions indicated. Instead, we're working to arm consumers with kitchen and shopping hacks, a brief history of processed food, and real cooking skills to make eating well well within reach.

While we shop at farmers markets and champion farm to table, we think the way to create change with the biggest impact is by cleaning up the supply of processed food. Health outcomes improve when a kid chooses chips made with potatoes, oil, and salt instead of chemical-laden Flamin' Hot Cheetos. In this era of big data, companies respond quickly to demand-side changes. And when they do, everyone benefits.