All workshops take place at our kitchen on the 4th floor of our office building in South Lake Union at 801 Blanchard Street. Check out this map for details. We can't offer parking but there are plenty of metered spots in the neighborhood. We encourage people to use public transportation or carpool when possible.  

Where do the workshops take place?

Fear not! As long as you let us know in your pre-survey, we can accomodate just about any food sensitivities, preferences, or allergies. If we don't think we can accomodate your request we will work with you to find a solution ahead of time.

What if I don't eat meat/dairy/gluten/etc?

Do I get paid for this?


You sure do! We know you are busy so we are paying for your six hours of classroom time PLUS one hour of transportation time per session. Hourly employees, please work with your managers to keep overtime to a minimum and to find a time that will work with your typical schedule when possible. Salaried employees - this will count as part of your work day, no extra reimbursement will be provided (but did we mention the delicious free food?!)

Is it possible to register for separate Session A & B workshops?

We require you to register for both sessions. A lot happens in the workshops and getting to go thorugh both sessions with the same group is a powerful experience. If you absolutely cannot find a set of dates that will work for you, email kelly@purefoodkids.org and we may be able to accomodate individual requests. 

Can I bring my spouse/partner/child?

Yes! Good news - you can bring your spouse, partner, or child as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • They must be over 18 years old
  • They must live in the same household

If you plan to bring someone, please have them register separately at bit.ly/sfuwregister

Will you be offering Spanish language workshops?

Unfortunately at this time we only offer the workshops in English. If you or someone you work with does not speak English well, they are exempt from having to take the course. Once we go out of our quiet phase we are planning on having Spanish speaking instructors and will be happy to offer a Spanish course to any Sugar Mountain Employees (stay tuned!)

I attended the pilot program in January 2017 - do I need to register again?

Yes. All employees are required to take the workshop even if they participated in our pilot program in January. We have made significant changes to the curriculum and changed our recipes, so the workshop will be fresh!

I registered but I need to change my dates. What do I do?

Changes in workshop registration must be handled by emailing info@soundfoodworkshop.org

When are the workshops being offered?

There are 15 workshops (2 sessions each) being offered in September. See the calendar below for reference. Time listed is the start time, each session is 3 hours long. 

Wait! I have more questions!

Ask away - fill out the form below or email info@soundfoodworkshop.org 

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