Changing Puget Sound's Food for Good




Sound Food Uprising is a ten year campaign to change how Puget Sound eats for good through food and cooking education.

We believe in the power of individuals to make everyday changes for good and the collective impact of community organizations. Progressive policies are catapulting the Seattle area into the national spotlight. We're building on the region's past accomplishments and harnessing our optimism for the future.  

Our existing work with youth in the classroom and a citizen-led campaign from decades ago inform the Sound Food Uprising strategy:


Beecher's Pure Food Kids Foundation

For the past decade, we've been on a mission to spark a lifelong interest in food by turning 4th and 5th grade students into "food detectives." We arm youth with the ability to read labels, see through marketing messages, and cook real food. Pre- and post-workshop surveys consistently validate the knowledge acquisition, retention and impact our program has on students and their families’ food choices.

After teaching more than 100,000 students in 350 schools in Seattle and New York, we're embarking on an ambitious 10-year vision to change how Puget Sound eats for good.


Forward Thrust Logo.png

Forward Thrust

We're inspired by civic leader Jim Ellis and his work cleaning up Lake Washington and piloting Forward Thrust, a series of bond measures that have shaped our region’s heritage, including the creation of new parks and trails and improved transit.

Ellis showed us we can demand better, and we're a more vibrant region because of it. We can clean up our food supply just like we cleaned up Lake Washington. And like water, by demanding pure food, we all benefit.