Changing Puget Sound's Food for Good

Let's change how we eat for good

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Workshop Schedule

During two 3-hour sessions you'll do a deep dive into our food system, become inspired to cook, and change Puget Sound's food for good.


Session  1
What's wrong with our food?

A Brief History of Everything Food

For most of human history, humans ate whole or minimally processed foods. Only in recent decades has our food system been dramatically transformed thanks to advances in manufacturing, science, transportation, and communication. Our food system has become increasingly complex as a result, leaving consumers with the daunting task of sorting out which of the 200,000 items in a typical supermarket are actually good for our bodies.  

Overly Processed, Heavily Sugared, and Additive Laden

Participants will take a behind-the-scenes look into our food system to discover how highly processed foods are made, and why they are so difficult to resist. We will also see how the food industry can influence our cultural beliefs and norms about food through lobbying and funding research that promotes their special interests.  

In the Kitchen

Knife skills: A good sharp chef’s knife is the most valuable tool in any kitchen. We will begin by talking about knife care and move on to practicing various cuts.  

Salad with fennel and apple: Learning to trust our palate is an important step in making cooking easier and more enjoyable. We will assemble a salad from ingredients that offer various flavors and textures, thinking about how all of the pieces work together to form an exceptionally delicious and easy to throw together salad. 

Quick and easy stovetop meal: The instructor will guide students in an interactive demonstration of searing chicken and sautéing peppers and cabbage (vegetarian option available). We will also introduce the rice cooker as a hands-off workhorse for cooking any grain.  

Meal and Wrap Up



Session  2
How to fix it

Power: Who has it? 

It is easy to think that multi-million dollar companies control what ends up on our supermarket shelves, but the truth is that we as consumers have a tremendous amount of power if we see our food choices as a way to demonstrate our preferences to the supermarkets and restaurants where we buy our food.  

What shapes our preferences about food? 

We will dive deeper into how tools like the food pyramid and nutrition label often lead to more confusion over what we should be eating.  

Product Investigations

Participants will select grocery items and spend time investigating the marketing tactics, nutrition label, and ingredient list of their products under the guidance of our instructor, who will point out the nutritional and historical significance of the government-mandated labels. Participants will leave the workshop feeling empowered to quickly assess which packaged foods are nourishing and which are not.  

Food Hacks

We will share some of our favorite hacks for making shopping and cooking easy and fun, and will talk about ways for employees to stay involved in the Sound Food Uprising.  

In the Kitchen

Roasted vegetables: After cleaning and chopping vegetables for roasting, each group of students will create their own spice mix to put onto their vegetables, which will get caramelized in the oven.  

Braised beef chuck roast: Participants will cube and season inexpensive but flavorful cuts of beef before putting them in the oven to braise during class. (Vegetarian option available) 

Easy cheesy polenta: We will use the rice cooker to whip up some delicious polenta (dairy free available). 

Meal and Wrap Up